Master Sun

Master Sun Da Fa began his martial arts training with his grandfather, Sun Jin Fu. Under his tutelage he studied Dan Tui (Snap Kick), Six Harmony Fist, Pole Conditioning, Broadsword, Long Tassel Sword and Chin-Na. He then studied Soft Palm, Four Harmony Fist and Chinese Medicine with renowned Kung Fu Master Tong Jin Quan.

In his youth, Master Sun studied Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) and Chin-Na under renowned Shuai Jiao Master, Ma Xin Tian. He then studied Tai-Chi Thirteen Techniques, Taoist Internal Elixir, Bagua, Qi Gong and Hsing-i linking form with Taoit Ji Ming.

In Shanghai, Master Sun studied Ten Animal Hsing-i under Li Zun Si. He also obtained a further understanding of the form from Yu Hua Long. He also refined his Chin-Na techniques by studying under renowned Chin-Na master Ji Jin Shan.

Later in Shanghai, Master Sun was further taught Kung Fu and healing Qi Gong. After this he became well known for his abilities in Martial Arts and Qi Gong. During this time Master Sun was involved in various interviews and appeared on Chinese television productions run by broadcasters such as CCTVII, GUAND DONG TV, Shanghai TV, Jiang Su TV and Zheng Jiang TV.

In 1984, CCTV News Film production produced a documentary called “Dragons of the orient” which had a special feature on Master Sun.

In 1985, Master Sun was sent by the Shanghai government to teach Tai-Chi and Qi Gong in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, he was invited to teach Tai-Chi and Internal Elixr Qi Gong to Jin Yong (Cha Liang Yong) who is widely regarded as China’s finest Wuxia (“Martial Arts and Chivalry”) writer and also is the co-founder of the Hong Kong daily newspaper, Ming Bao. During this time Master Sun was interviewed by TVB and Asia Television.

In 1987 Master Sun migrated to Australia where he settled in Sydney.

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